Visiting Pilots' Briefing

Joining procedures

There is no overhead join. Aircraft must be at or below 1000’ QNH (750’ QFE) in the Denham Local Flying Area (LFA) (i.e. the part of the ATZ in the London CTR).

Circuit altitude 1000’ QNH (750’ QFE).

Rwy 24 right hand circuit. Rwy 06 left hand circuit. Rwy 12/30 variable circuit.

Pilots must not compromise safety to fly the small circuit described in these procedures, and should fly a larger circuit if it is necessary to maintain safe separation.

To join the circuit and land

  • establish radio contact with Denham Radio on 130.730 MHz at 10 nm or 5 mins away
  • listen out for other aircraft joining or already in the circuit. If the circuit is busy, delay joining the circuit
  • descend to circuit altitude 1,000’ QNH (750’ QFE) and reduce speed for the circuit (if necessary) before reaching the VRP
  • Arrival runway 24: report at Maple Cross VRP, fly the base leg over the lakes unless safe separation requires otherwise
  • Arrival runway 06: report at St Giles VRP, fly the base leg to the east of the A413 to avoid Gerrards Cross unless safe separation requires otherwise
  • at the VRP look out for aircraft downwind and give way - aircraft in the circuit have priority

Give way so aircraft on downwind can turn base in the normal position: either reduce speed; or fly a larger circuit and maintain circuit altitude until it is safe to fit in. Do not orbit in the circuit. ALWAYS KEEP WELL CLEAR OF OTHER AIRCRAFT.

Departing procedures

To take off and depart

  • Departure runway 24: after take off maintain runway heading until past the houses on the right, then turn right before the A413 (where safely possible)
  • Departure runway 06: after take-off maintain runway heading until past the caravan site on the left, then turn left over the lakes (where safely possible)
  • Do not climb above circuit altitude 1000’ QNH (750’ QFE)
  • Extend crosswind leg out of the circuit to VRP before turning on track.

Circuit procedures

  • Keep the circuit small unless safe separation requires otherwise.
  • Pilots on downwind must lookout for joining aircraft which will also be at 1,000’ QNH (750’ QFE).
  • Use available equipment to aid conspicuity: landing light On; strobes On; transponder Alt.
  • Aeroplane pilots and helicopter pilots MUST NOT carry out simultaneous parallel approaches to the north side grass and main runway, pilots must remain one behind another. Similarly, parallel take offs are not permitted.
  • A pilot who goes around must keep any preceding aircraft in sight and keep well clear.

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